BUILD Grant Application

Traill County Resolution

Traill County Match Assurance Letter

Polk County Match Assurance Letter

Polk County Resolution


Supporting Materials

Drone Footage of Neilsville Bridge

Risk Assessment 2017

State and Local Plans

2013 Traill County Pavement Management Plan Excerpt

Minnesota STIP


Existing Conditions


2015 Routine and Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection Report

2016 Underwater Inspection Report

Bridge Deck Survey

Bridge Survey 2017

Deck Inspection Memo 2015

Hydraulic Flood Analysis and Risk Assessment 2017

ND DOT Bridge Inspection Report

Preliminary Bridge Profile 2017


14 Span 2 FB6 Water Saturated Corroding Floorbeam

19 Span 2 Typical Underside Looking East (2015)

20 Span 2 Typical Underside Looking West (2015)

22 Span 2 FB3 8 ft CS4 Top Flange South End

023 Span 2 Floorbeam 7 Flaking Rust on Top Flange

027 Span 2 Floorbeam 6 Flaking Rust North End

031 Span 2 Typical Stringer Condition and Water Saturation of Deck at Floorbeam

31 Span 1 FB6 Typical Condition

35 Span 1 FB5 Deck Deteriorating at Florbeam Typical

38 Span 1 FB1 Deck and Floorbeam Corrosion Between Str 1 & 2

049 Span 2 Typical Condition Underside of Deck

050 Span 2 Typical Condition Underside of Deck (2013)

50 Span 1 FB2 CS4 Entire Bottom Flange

051 Span 2 Typical Condition Underside of Deck (2013)

58 Span 1 FB2 South End CS4 on Str & FB, Deck Cracking and Efflorescence

065 South Curb Crushing at Pier

091 Span 1 Underside Looking West

092 Span 1 Underside Looking East

098 Span 1 L2 South Curb Crushing

2015 Bridge Deck Hole from Beneath the Structure

2015 Bridge Deck Hole

Project Readiness

S.P. 060-601-059 Tribal Consultation

CSAH 1 Archaeology Report

2019 BUILD Cost Estimate

Detailed Project Schedule

MN Department of Natural Resources General Permit 2017-1778

RGP-004-MN Department of the Army Corps of Engineers Permit

Engineering Design Plans

Preliminary Roadway Plans and Cross Sections

Structure Example


Public Support

April 19 2016 Public Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2015 Public Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2016 Public Meeting Minutes


Letters of Support

Brian Ingulsrud, American Crystal Sugar Company

Bryan Mueller West Central Ag Services

Business Owners

Buxton Fire Department

Christian Transport

Daniel Fuglesten, Central Valley Bean Cooperative

Darrel Miller, Taft Elevator Division of Rahr Malting Co.

David Vraa, City of Nielsville

Debra Kiel Minnesota House of Representatives

Donald Blasey, Neilsville Fire Department

Elroy Hedde, Salem Lutheran Church

Ervin Township

Farmers and Rural Homeowners

Gregory Abentroth, Bingham Township

Hubbard Township

John Hoeven, United States Senator for North Dakota

Kelly Armstrong, United States Congressman for North Dakota

Kevin Cramer, United States Senator for North Dakota

Mark Gieseke, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Mike Deck, Peg Klemetson, Sky Tractor LLC

Minnesota Senator Mark Johnson

Paul Coppin, Valley United Cooperative

Petri Lutheran Church

Rick Holman, North Dakota House of Representatives

Ronald Henke, North Dakota Department of Transportation

Salem Lutheran Church

Spokely Farms

TDS Fertilizer, Inc.

TDS Trucking

Troy Carl, Transystems

United States Senator Amy Klobuchar



Map of Project Improvements and Detour

Project Location Map

Project Location State

Bridge Reliant Agricultural and Emergency Service Facilities

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